Why I have chosen to niche in my business

Clients choose to work with us for a variety of reasons, niching helps us as business owners to guide the clients we want, to us. Take a read to find out why I am choosing to specialise and how niching could benefit your business.

When I started my business, like many others, I made the mistake of undercharging, undervaluing my experience and being a generalist with a services page as long as my arm. Several years later, a lot of development and time spent on my business I rekindled my love for brand design and strategy from my corporate world. Now, I find myself again choosing to specialise and being driven by passion within my business and excitement at who I am choosing to help.

The subject of ‘niching’ in business can be controversial, however, I believe that’s down to a common misconception that you have to niche by industry – which simply put, isn’t true. You can niche by joint interests, by personality or by shared values. I mean, I’ve had clients choose to work with me because we both love cats. Flippant on the outside, shared connection with a fellow animal lover on the inside.

For me, I am choosing to niche for a few reasons which I will explain below, so grab that cuppa and take a step into my thought process while I explain why I am taking the plunge to get my business niche out into the world.

So here it is… (insert fanfare here)

From this day, henceforth, my niche shall be coaches, spiritual and wellbeing focused businesses.

Gaaah! I’m so happy to have that out in the world. Now, it may seem like these are three random business areas or industries but I assure you they aren’t.

Why have I chosen to niche in my business?

I know, I know, as a brand designer and strategist I have already technically niched by the services I offer. However, since being fully self-employed, there has been a storm of clarity that has driven this choice. I’ve detailed some of it below but to be honest, we’d be here all day (and I’d run out of word count) if I detailed every sign, gut feeling and experience I had that lead to this moment.

Through working with a business coach, I was able to finally charge my worth and leave my job. Through making self care a priority in my life (after a very stressful time) I appreciated the value and importance of all-round wellbeing and the impact it has on every aspect of my health -mental, physical, social, emotional combined. And through opening myself up to being more ‘me’ in my business, I rekindled my spiritual side that was left in a field in Glastonbury several festivals ago. The feeling of being one with the universe and being intentional with the energy and choices I make has had an impact on how I feel each day. A little bit woo, I know but seriously looking into the Law of Attraction and the power of manifesting and tell me I’m wrong.

All three of these brought me such a perspective shift in my own life, I now truly appreciate the value these businesses bring to others. I knew I wanted to focus on supporting one of these in my work but I wasn’t sure how and I found it hard to choose one over the other to specialise in. That’s when I looked a little deeper realised that we all shared values and ideas that meant I didn’t have to choose.

They each aligned with how I want Shadowcat to be perceived.

Making an impact

Each had a significant impact on my life and caused me to change the way I looked at things, whether that was my business or myself. This resonates with the way I include brand strategy in all my work to ensure that what we do, impacts your business future in the right way.


Whether it’s demystifying the mystic, a coach teaching you about yourself, or learning how to be present and take care of your inner health, education is a strong theme. My driving passion is to teach businesses how to use their brand as a tool to give them freedom of time in their business – education is a huge part of my work.

Client focused

Branding a business is a very personal thing and I am so grateful when I am invited to be a part of the process. Just as every brand is unique, so is every client I deal with and each of their clients. Similarly, coaching, wellbeing and holistic businesses are all serving just one person at any given time and they are the absolute focus.


Confidence in yourself, your choices, your beliefs or your business. Don’t really need to say more than that!

In my opinion, choosing to niche or specialise because you share values that align to you, your brand and your business is far more powerful than choosing a business type because there is a gap in the market. I mean, you have to have that connection or you’ll just fall flat and they’ll see right through the lack of passion.

The narrative that you have to choose an industry just isn’t fact and choosing a niche can have a positive impact on your business.

Why you should consider niching:

Making the decision to niche can be scary but it brings with it a huge amount of opportunity. Even if you choose to specialise by what your heart or gut says, let’s take a moment to address those pesky brain thoughts too:

Doesn’t this mean I’m turning down clients and therefore money?

Yes, but you will have more space to work with the clients you want to work with, who align with your business and bring out the best in you. If you become an expert in that field then you can comfortably charge more for your expertise so in fact, you could be earning more with fewer clients who feed your soul. Doesn’t that sound dandy!

If I’m a generalist, I can work with anyone!

Well yes, but niching is focusing on one particular group you resonate with. It doesn’t mean you cannot by law take on work with anyone else ever. It’s still your business, it’s still your choice. If you niche to fruit and veg businesses, it doesn’t mean you can work with a cocktail stall because you’ve drawn that line. Work with who you choose but be known as the go-to for THAT thing.

But restricting myself to one type of client means my content and work will be boring and repetitive?

Ok, so no – it means you can tailor your content to answer their queries, questions and quandaries. In other words, your content will be specifically helping your ideal client and each interaction will give them something relevant. Not only does this help you position yourself as the go-to gal (or gent) in this arena, but it helps any prospective clients along the buying process.

Becoming an expert in your business field opens doors you may not yet realise are there.

But I can talk to different people already, what real benefit does niching have for me as a business owner?

Take a seat and allow me to enlighten you. By niching down and ONLY talking to your ideal customer who you know inside and out, your content will be easier to create. you’ll know the messaging that appeals to them, the type of content they like to consume, where they find it and in what format. You will stand out from your competition because you serve a very specific client. You can charge more for your specialism giving you either more money or more time back in your business. You can become a sought after expert to share knowledge at events, online and in podcasts. You can even progress to teach others how to work within your chosen niche. It allows you to be very intentional with every choice in your business, leading to greater impact with less effort. In all honesty, it’s a bit of a no-brainer.

I’m sold, Tammi, how do I start to niche my business?

There are several ways you can approach this. I would recommend spending some time looking inwardly first. You need to identify where your passion, values and positioning currently sets you in your business and where you would like to be. Your brand strategy will help you along this path. If you aren’t quite there yet, and want some more guidance, l recommend taking a read of ‘The Ultimate Guide to Niching’ by Tom Ross which is full of advice and examples on how and why niching in your business can be a benefit.

There you have it. You’ll notice a refocus within my content towards my ideal client, but it doesn’t mean you can’t read and benefit from my advice if you are in a different industry. All are welcome here!

I hope this has highlighted why niching can be a benefit to your business, and I would love to know how you align with your ideal clients. Let me know in the comments.

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