How to Rekindle Your Brand

How does you brand make you feel?

If it doesn’t give you the warm fuzzies mixed with a bundle of pride and confidence then something is amiss. 

Do any of these sound familiar?

Your goals and business have changed so much because of COVID/reasons that you feel like your brand is stuck in January 2020

Your business doesn’t feel like you anymore, something is out of alignment but you don’t know what

You’re not attracting the right people. You only seem to get bargain hunters, people who don’t match your values or one-off buyers who disappear into the night without so much as a review

You’re constantly having to tweak, change and adjust your visuals to make it work. It takes so long to create anything and it’s exhausting

You’ve outgrown the brand you had and now it feels like it’s holding you back from getting where you want your business to go

My friend, you need to spend some one on one time looking at your brand. 

I know what you’re thinking. 

Where I am going to get the time/money/expertise to do this on top of everything else I need to be doing –  I guess I’m stuck with what I’ve got. 

While yes, it will take some investment from you (either time or money – because everything does), looking after your brand is one surefire way to achieve your business goals quicker than you think, AND you have more options than you may realise. 

You may think you either need to invest thousands in a full change of brand or you’re stuck with what you’ve got. 

There is another way! Well, actually 3.

Refresh Your Brand

Instead of starting again, look at what you are currently doing and focus on doing that more. This could be as simple as ensuring you use the same colours and fonts every where, or choosing an image style out of the hundreds you are currently cycling through.

Consistency is easy to achieve when you make it your focus. 

A brand refresh is the equivalent of a trim at a salon, it tidies up what’s there to make the day to day easier. 

Change Your Creative Direction

Have your business goals changed but your core values are the same? Perhaps you have raised your prices or niched your services so your brand is a little out of sync.

Changing your visuals to reflect your new goals but are still built from your core strategy can help you serve your new market whilst keeping your underlying identity.

Creative Direction is the equivalent of a stylist appointment, it creates a new look without changing the fundamentals of you. One bouncy blowdry coming up.

Rebrand to Reconnect

A rebrand is a big decision but it brings with it big results.

If you are feeling unaligned or like you’ve outgrown your current branding, it may be holding you back from being the business you could be.

Starting with strategy and goals and building from there, a rebrand can take your business to dizzying new heights and all the high converting perks and confidence that comes with it.

Rebranding is the equivalent of a full on makeover. Strip it back to the roots, change everything from the base up AND learn the tools you need to maintain the fancy new you for maximum impact.

If you’d like to hear more about the ways you can rekindle and refresh your branding to support your business, you can catch the full training replay over in The Brand Lounge.


Ready to give your brand the TLC it needs to help your business work like a dream?

I offer a range of branding and coaching services, so head over here and take a look.

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