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How To Set Intentional Business Goals

Now feels like the perfect time for goal setting and deciding how the next 365 days will shape up to bring you all your wildest dreams. But after a few weeks you may find you fall back into the comfortable habits and routine of the year before and only remember your goals when you find that beautifully designed sheet in your notebook 6 months later and reflect on how excited you had been.

An open book has the words: "Wish for it. Hope for it. Dream it. But by all means do it." written in block letters of orange, yellow and red. It lies on a white and blue spotted backgorund. Across the bottom is a black bar with a small outline of a cat head in goals and the words How to set intentional business goals.

Business, Goal Setting

How to Rekindle Your Brand

If your brand isn’t working for your business, you may think you either need to invest thousands in a full rebrand or you’re stuck with what you’ve got. There is another way! Well, actually 3.

How to Rekindle Your Brand Header

Branding, Rebrand

5 Things to Know Before You Create a DIY Logo

Creating a DIY logo for your small business can feel daunting, but with these 5 tips, you’ll be able to create a professional looking logo yourself.

Logo Design

Creating an On-Brand Instagram Grid

So, you’ve decided Instagram is one of your platforms of choice (and an excellent choice it is too!). Now you are faced not only with content creation and planning, but also deciding how your grid will look. Pop that overwhelm to one side, let’s chat.


Branding Misconceptions + How They Hold Your Business Back

As a business owner, you will undoubtedly have heard the mystical term ‘branding’ since day one. Also as a business owner, you may be mildly confused as to what branding actually is. As a brand designer, I come across A LOT of assumptions that are incorrect. Some are understandable, however, some are so infuriating to hear because they actively hold back small businesses from accomplishing more. ⁣

Blog title image of a brick wall.


Shadowcat Rebrand: Typography & Fonts

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen my new fonts in action over the last few days. Following on from last week’s blog post about colours, font choices are another part of branding that may appear simple but in fact, influence the feel of your branding and the emotions you want your audience to experience.

Shadowcat Rebrand Typography & Fonts Header

Branding, Typography

Shadowcat Rebrand: Colour

Colour has a huge part to play in the visual elements of branding. There have been studies that show colour drives engagement and influences buying decisions. Adding colour to blog posts, product guides, print advertising and other brand collateral increases readership by 80% – that’s huge!

Shadowcat Rebrand: Colour Header

Branding, Colour

Shadowcat Rebrand: Strategy

In this post, I’ll be talking a little about the overall strategy that has been developed behind my new branding. This will be somewhat of an overview as a brand strategy is rather in-depth and includes a lot around future plans for the business.

Shadowcat Rebrand: Brand Strategy Header

Brand Strategy, Rebrand

10 Tasks You Can Do Today To Maximise Your Brand Visibility

Whatever is going on in your world, keeping your brand visible is key to keeping you in the mind of your future customers. Here’s a secret, you don’t have to spend hours every day to keep your business active in the busy online world, a few well-spent minutes a day can be enough.

10 Tasks You Can Do Today To Maximise Your Brand Visibility Header


Why I have chosen to niche in my business

Clients choose to work with us for a variety of reasons, niching helps us as business owners to guide the clients we want, to us. Take a read to find out why I am choosing to specialise and how niching could benefit your business.

Wh yI have chosen to niche header

Brand Strategy

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