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Investing in your brand is a fantastic step towards having confidence and clarity in your business whilst looking damn good! 

When you're starting out, it can feel overwhelming and out of reach - that's where these courses will help you get ship-shape with confidence and guidance as you learn with me.

No more DIY dilemas, with my training you can have a beautiful brand that YOU created! 


I'm so 

that you're here!

Uplevel your DIY branding with a professional twist.

Over 10 days, you will create your brand strategy, visual identity and social graphics with confidence as I guide you through each part. I'll be on hand through live trainings and group support at every stage to ensure you create a jaw-dropping brand that feels like YOU.

We'll cover everything I do with my one to one clients, in a group setting with all the support you need to build your own brand and launch into the world.

Questions? Check out the FAQ below or pop me a message.

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10 day brand creation course


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2 payments of £237.50

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At the end of the course you will have: 

A brand strategy and clarity about your business and brand

A visual identity including logos, colour palette, fonts and other brand elements

Templates for social media and graphics ready to launch your new brand

Confidence in a brand YOU created that is professional, aligned and unique


When does pre-launch pricing end?

The pre-launch pricing is available until midnight 31st January 2021. After that the price will increase to £775. Payment plans will be available for both prelaunch and launch pricing. If you want to join but are finding it tough since COVID, pop me a message and we can have a conversation for an alternative payment schedule.

How does it work?

The course runs Mon-Fri for two weeks. Each day we will cover a part of the brand creation process. There will be a mix of recorded and email lessons and regular live trainings and Q&As via Zoom. All lives will be recorded and available for you to view at any stage so if you can't make a live session, there's no hassle. 

WHat will have at the end of the course?

You will have a base brand strategy, a visual identity including colour palette, font hierarchy, logos and other brand elements. You'll also create a set of launch graphics to announce your new brand to the world and branded templates for social media. You'll learn a lot about how to use your brand, the importance of each element and how to keep it consistent in the future. 

how many spaces are there?

While there is no limit on the number who can attend the course, the optional one to one sessions will be limited and issues on a first come, first served. This optional sessions will be at an additional cost of £125 and give you an hour of one-to-one time to pick my brains, receive individual feedback and adjustments on your designs and a chance to talk about the future of your brand and marketing ideas.

How much support will there be?

You'll have full access to me and my years of experience through the live calls and a private Facebook group. If you have any questions, are unsure how to do something or want to bounce an idea around, you'll be able to. I will also open up slots for each student to have some one to one support with the brand process (see question above).

what software do I need?

For the design work, we will be using Illustrator (you can get a free 7 day trial or purchase a month for £19.97 from Adobe here). For the social media graphics, we will use a combination of Illustrator and Canva. You will also need a Pinterest account and access to Trello.

What equipment do i need?

You will need access to a computer and the software listed above. A pen and paper always helps and, of course, your beverage of choice. 

what is the time commitment? 

Each live will be between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on the content and questions. All will be available to watch at a later date. Some days will be reserved for Q&A sessions only. The additional time you commit is up to you. This course is designed to support businesses who want to invest time rather than money into their branding. 

I have more questions!

No worries, friend! You can book a call or email me and we can talk details with no obligation. 

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